Throtyl is a hidden city in the mountains south of Dargaard Keep. It is technically part of the Duchy of Nightlund, but does not pay homage or taxes.

Throtyl is ruled my a Matriachal Theocracy dedicated to Mishakal. All High Priestesses, Oracles, and the High Oracle must have a direct line in their lineage going back to Mirril Martin hand maiden of Lady Soth.

Throtyl has a small, but highly skilled militia called the Silver Swords who guard the boarder and police the city.

There are several outlying villages and 2 formidable outpost towers that, while not part of the city proper, are still included in the metropolitan area and under the leadership and protection of the Theocracy.

There are 2 types of citizens in the land. High Citizens have certain privledges that Low Citzens do not including owning lands, the ability to petition the Oracles, the right to travel outside of the homelands, and the right to sponsor outsiders that wish to enter Throtyl. However, they must also pay higher taxes, perform regular civil duties/service, and prove their commitment to protect the city and its principles.


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