Act 1

This morning I was summoned to a meeting with the Oracle. This wouldn’t have seemed unusual but the adept that was sent was insistent on waiting for me to get ready and escort me there personally. When I arrived there I found my favorite chair and sat down to wait until the Oracle was ready to receive me. As I sat watching those coming and going I saw an unfamiliar site as a member of the rangers came in and seemed a little full of himself with his parlor tricks to entertain himself. I also notice what I thought was a child with bright orange hair until he turned around and I found that he was a gnome. It was truly going to be an interesting day in deed.

I was informed that the Oracle was ready to see me and noticed that the human and gnome were also notified so it looked like I was going to meet some new acquaintances this day. As they were about to open the doors to admit our entrance the doors burst open as an envoy of Minotaur’s came out of the meeting chambers of the Oracle. The human greeted them in what I can only assume as their native language.

In the meeting with the Oracle I learned that the goddess had asked for me personally along with the human and gnome to travel together and that our first mission was to seek down the whereabouts of Alyse, a cleric who had gone to Kurnen to set up a school of healing but had gone missing. I quickly accepted the mission.

The Oracle instructed us to get ready and to then return to meet with her before we left to get final information she might have for us. We decided to go and prepare and to meet back at the Temple that evening. When we all arrived back at the temple I once again found my favorite chair and waited for the Oracle to become available. Just like earlier that day as I was about to enter to speak with the Oracle the doors opened and an envoy exited, this time a group from Solomnia. This time the human greeted the envoy in their native tongue as they left. This human might have some useful gifts on this journey. When we met with the Oracle we learned that Alyse had gone overland to Kurnen so we decided that was how we would travel as well. I agreed to meet my new companions the next morning at the north gate to begin our travels.

When I arrived at the gate I found the human ready to go on his horse and the gnome sitting on his fine riding dog mount, I myself was on my sturdy and sure footed mule.

After a number of days traveling we came to a city in the desert. We decided to first visit the temple to see if we could get word about Alyse. They priest did not know of her but that Deacon T might know of her but he was in the sick district and not available. We inquired if we could speak with him immediately the priest said he would go and let him know we need to speak to him. I asked if I could go with him to the sick district as I felt a need to share my talents if I could be of any assistance. When I arrived in the sick district I was instantly overcome with emotion for the desire was so great to help all that needed help but knew that I didn’t have the ability to help all that needed help. I quickly jumped in and did all that I could for those in need. When I and all of the clerics had done all that we could and cleaned up I was able to have a conversation with Deacon T. as we sat down and shared a bowl of soup I learned that Deacon T knew Alyse and that she had stayed there about 6 months ago and helped with the sick. Deacon T also said that he set her up with a family Rufus and their caravan to travel to Kern. I then went to the Inn to meet back up with my companions. When I entered the Inn it was just one big party. Being that I had just come from the sick district and seeing how much need those people were in I was not in a mood to partake in the rivalry so I told my companions I was going up to our rooms. When Magnus and Kuro finally decided to call it a night I had had a chance to change into some new cloths we then sat down and I shared with them the information I had received from Deacon T.

As we traveled from the city a few days later as we were passing over a hillside we were surprised by a group of Orks who had a troll with them. It appeared that we had also surprised them as I had plenty of time to dismount and prepare for a confrontation if the orks meant ill will. The orks quickly formed ranks and the troll charged. I stood my ground for what seemed like ages and I exchanged blows with the troll. I felt as though no matter how hard and how many times I hit the beast I was in a never ending battle. I was so caught up in the battle with the troll I have no idea what Magnus was doing. I was assisted in my fight with the troll by Kuro. He was brilliant in how he cast his spells and help to interrupt and distract the troll to help in the fight. At last the troll seemed to have gone mad and took off running and ran right into a large rock that knocked him prone. At this I was ready to let him go and tend to the wounds of my companions. It was at this time that I witnessed Magnus just walking over to the defenseless troll and slit its throat. I was very disappointed in this senseless loss of life as the beast was retreating and leaving and was taken advantage of.

We again picked up our travel and eventually arrived at the Rufus Family Keep. Being a follower of The Lady and a healer I was welcomed with open arms. As we got cleaned up and were relaxing I heard a scream coming from the castle. As I was searching for where the scream had come from we came across Lord Rufus and he explained that it was his wife who had been in labor for over a day and was in great pain. I quickly offered my services and the gnome also offered his services as a doctor. In my examination I soon discovered that she was pregnant with twins and that they were large baby’s that she could not give birth to naturally. With the invaluable help and assistance from Kuro we were able to successfully birth both baby’s and heal the wife so that all were healthy and would survive. Without Kuro’s help I don’t know if I could have done it.

There was a big party that night to celebrate the birth of the twins and both Kuro and I were presented with magnificent Red Riding Hoods. (and a little retarded girl named Sherry went around licking everyone)

The Lost Priestess
More Rufus than San Demus

Orin (Dwarven Cleric), Magnus(Human Ninja, “most ninjas act scary, just because they are hungry”), and Kuro (Gnome Illusionist) were each summoned to the office of the Oracle in Throtyl. After a lot of foot-dragging, they accepted a mission to search for Alyse Threne, a missing priestess of Mishakal.

Taking the back road to Smuggler’s Canyon, the adventurers went from city to city and met a number of interesting characters. Kuro and the Raven King enjoyed the company of Sherry, the overcompensating half-orc innkeep, while Orin helped the diseased masses in the slums. We learned that Alyse had joined a band of travelling gypsies from Kern, in a desire to go into the country and start a school of healing. The gypsies were known by the name Rufus.

While travelling the last stretch of desert and in the land of hoodoos, the characters were attacked by a band of orcs and their pet troll (“They have a cave troll”). With Orin acting as a pounding board for the troll, Magnus was able to be a sneaky ninja and devastate the orc numbers. Meanwhile, Kuro just stood around and looked good. After finished the battle, they got to avoid the only oasis nearby and finally left the arid lands.

Once back into prairies and then to the ocean, the road was better and the travel was faster. We met several caravans and danced with gypsies.

In Kern, we entered the dwarf-hating city of Styx. Kuro enjoyed the windmills, though.

Finally, we reached the thick forests of Kern and were directed to the Rufus citadel. Made of wood, this city was a happy place that Kuro never wants to leave again. With Kuro’s help, Orin was able to assist the lord’s wife give birth to twin boys. Kuro was not consulted to give a name and was therefore very disappointed. However, he did procure a set of traditional Kernan clothing in red and had quite a party. Did I mention that he plans to never leave this city ever?

Next up: Leaving the city.

I Smell a Rat
The evil underbelly of the bright city of Throtyl

Three of the characters were friends from the beginning: Nicholas, Daveak, and Granger. They have taken notice that their normally peaceful city is now the place of assault and murder. When the Oracles called out to the citizens to take part in finding the cause of this evil, the three friends were quick to join in.

There they met with Captain Martin of the Silver Swords, who deputized them and assigned them to work with the ranger, Theon. After learning the few things that the SS knew, the heroes were off.

  • Nicholas talked with an oracle. She pointed out that the outer defenses had not been tripped. She also pointed out that it must be the work of a High Citizen, because the others are watched more closely.
  • Theon and the others checked out the market place and looked for a good place for a stake out.
  • Nicholas inquired into the alibis of the Silver Swords and the Sept of Secret Brethren. He met one brother who was dressed in blue robes with embroidered dragons on the arms. Their log books accounted for all of their members.
  • Nicholas was frustrated by the lack of information sharing by the Silver Swords. Afterall, the Sept had already been visited. So he reported back to the SS. They let him know that some claw marks were reported on the sewer grates in the market. The heroes rushed back to the market.
  • They were quick to delve into the sewers and noticed a figure escaping back up through the sewer cover. Nicholas climbed up and saw two SS, who had also seen the figure. Meanwhile, the three below saw reflections of eyes farther down in the sewer and went to investigate.
  • Both parties fought were-rats. Daveak, Granger, and Theon quickly dispatched their foes. Meanwhile, Nicholas and the SS were having a much more difficult time, with the wizard eventually running out of powerful spells. Fortunately, the others extricated themselves from the battle and came to save the day.

XPs: 1,250

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