Magnus Kurst

Hand of Mishakal, aka Raven Angel, and the Blue Devil


youngest of 7 children.
Orphaned at 10, survived with sister Rose who was 16.
Vowed vengeance on those who killed his family.
Joined the “Palmed Knives” an assassins guild from Kalaman at the age of 11.
Apprenticed as a Minstrel from Valentine at the age of 14.
At 18 his girlfriend was killed instead of Magnus during a botched attempt on his life.


Magnus Kurst the “Raven Angel” and the “Blue Devil”

Magnus was raised by his parents in the village of Kurst with his older brothers and sisters. He was the youngest of seven children, was given everything he ever wanted, and was spoiled greatly. His family was well liked in Kurst, their philanthropic endeavors aided the peasants in and around the village. Kurst Keep was a haven for any who needed shelter or protection.

When Magnus was ten all of this came tumbling down. Men wearing the livery of the Haligoth nobility raided the keep and slaughtered everyone they could find. When this started Magnus’s mother instructed his oldest sister, Rose; who was sixteen at the time, to keep Magnus alive. The two of them bolted from the keep, but just when they thought they were going to be safe three of the soldiers found them. Rose seeing that their only chance of living was to bargain, pleaded with them promising them she’d do anything if they’d let her and Magnus live. They agreed, vowing to let them live, then proceeded to rape Rose throughout the night while Magnus watched. This on top of the rest of the night’s events, caused Magnus to break, burning within his mind the faces of all the men who had taken part in the horrors. He vowed then and there that he would not rest till all of them had paid with their lives.

Rose and Magnus eventually arrived in Throtyl and Rose immediately went into the service of the Blue Sisterhood. Magnus stayed in Throtyl for a period of a few months, but eventually ran off stowing away with a merchant caravan headed to Kalaman. In Kalaman he was homeless, living off the streets, until he found what he had heard was in Kalaman. The “Palmed Knives” saw the determination and raw skill that Magnus exhibited and took him into their care. He learned here the art of the assassin. His age, and ruthlessness earned him great renown amongst their ranks, and infamy from the Town Watch.

By the time he was fourteen, he had earned the autonomy to travel. To assist in the traveling he apprenticed himself to a traveling minstrel, by the name of Valentine. He learned quickly and the skills of the knife made his hands nimble and adept at picking up the minstrel’s art. His mentor had no idea Magnus’s true business, but Magnus was so innocent looking that none suspected even though much death followed the raven haired minstrel. Some even started calling him the “Raven Angel”, both for his natural good looks and the hauntingly beautiful Tenor he sang.

At the age of eighteen, Magnus had successfully killed all of the three who had raped his sister, but was still concerned with the intrigue of why his family had been killed. He had learned that although many of the men were from Haligoth, their nobility were not involved. The path had led him throughout the land, and he was starting to chafe under the tutelage of Valentine. He was content to continue visiting the same villages, the same towns. This no longer gave Magnus the cover he needed, his true business required him to set his destinations, and so he parted ways with Valentine.

Magnus returned to Kalaman and here he purchased his contract from the Palmed Knives. This was basically a death sentence for a “Palmed Knife”, the other Knives were encouraged to put down the Errant Knife. Five contracts were placed on Magnus’s head. Once he had killed all five Knives, he was given access to the vast network of spies employed by the Palmed Knives throughout North Eastern Ansalon.

During the year he spent in Kalaman defeating the contracts sent after him, he met and wooed a fair maiden, she was a lady in waiting to the Baroness of Vogler. Lallia Tremon, was originally a source of gossip who fulfilled Magnus’s needs. She had a purity that reminded him of his sister, and tempered some of the devil inside Magnus. For the first time in years he remembered that he had family, a sister that loved him. He remembered that life was more than just vengeance.

The fifth Knife came to collect Magnus’s contract. He was with Lalia when he came, and Magnus’s instincts brought him to awareness just as the poisoned dart was discharged. This instinct caused him to shift just enough that the dart missed him, but he did not account for the slumbering girl next to him. The Knife who had come to collect had been a friend of Magnus, one who he mentored. Seeing the miss, they both sprang to action. The daggers flew quickly for a breath, then recognition caused them both to call a truce while they attempted to treat Lalia.

Magnus carried her to a hedge wizard he knew, but they were unable to save the life of the maiden. This was too much for Magnus’s fragile soul, and he sought for revenge no longer. He traveled to Throtyl, where he confessed his crimes to the Oracle, having received an audience from his sister Rose. The Oracle petitioned the Blue Lady for Magnus, and informed him that from the ashes of his life the Light Bringer would grow a great oak. The Oracle then assigned Magnus to the Hand of Mishakal, an order of warriors given the task of protecting and retrieving the clergy of Mishakal. This turned out to be a great use of Magnus’s talents.

Magnus Kurst

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