The Lost Priestess

More Rufus than San Demus

Orin (Dwarven Cleric), Magnus(Human Ninja, “most ninjas act scary, just because they are hungry”), and Kuro (Gnome Illusionist) were each summoned to the office of the Oracle in Throtyl. After a lot of foot-dragging, they accepted a mission to search for Alyse Threne, a missing priestess of Mishakal.

Taking the back road to Smuggler’s Canyon, the adventurers went from city to city and met a number of interesting characters. Kuro and the Raven King enjoyed the company of Sherry, the overcompensating half-orc innkeep, while Orin helped the diseased masses in the slums. We learned that Alyse had joined a band of travelling gypsies from Kern, in a desire to go into the country and start a school of healing. The gypsies were known by the name Rufus.

While travelling the last stretch of desert and in the land of hoodoos, the characters were attacked by a band of orcs and their pet troll (“They have a cave troll”). With Orin acting as a pounding board for the troll, Magnus was able to be a sneaky ninja and devastate the orc numbers. Meanwhile, Kuro just stood around and looked good. After finished the battle, they got to avoid the only oasis nearby and finally left the arid lands.

Once back into prairies and then to the ocean, the road was better and the travel was faster. We met several caravans and danced with gypsies.

In Kern, we entered the dwarf-hating city of Styx. Kuro enjoyed the windmills, though.

Finally, we reached the thick forests of Kern and were directed to the Rufus citadel. Made of wood, this city was a happy place that Kuro never wants to leave again. With Kuro’s help, Orin was able to assist the lord’s wife give birth to twin boys. Kuro was not consulted to give a name and was therefore very disappointed. However, he did procure a set of traditional Kernan clothing in red and had quite a party. Did I mention that he plans to never leave this city ever?

Next up: Leaving the city.



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