I Smell a Rat

The evil underbelly of the bright city of Throtyl

Three of the characters were friends from the beginning: Nicholas, Daveak, and Granger. They have taken notice that their normally peaceful city is now the place of assault and murder. When the Oracles called out to the citizens to take part in finding the cause of this evil, the three friends were quick to join in.

There they met with Captain Martin of the Silver Swords, who deputized them and assigned them to work with the ranger, Theon. After learning the few things that the SS knew, the heroes were off.

  • Nicholas talked with an oracle. She pointed out that the outer defenses had not been tripped. She also pointed out that it must be the work of a High Citizen, because the others are watched more closely.
  • Theon and the others checked out the market place and looked for a good place for a stake out.
  • Nicholas inquired into the alibis of the Silver Swords and the Sept of Secret Brethren. He met one brother who was dressed in blue robes with embroidered dragons on the arms. Their log books accounted for all of their members.
  • Nicholas was frustrated by the lack of information sharing by the Silver Swords. Afterall, the Sept had already been visited. So he reported back to the SS. They let him know that some claw marks were reported on the sewer grates in the market. The heroes rushed back to the market.
  • They were quick to delve into the sewers and noticed a figure escaping back up through the sewer cover. Nicholas climbed up and saw two SS, who had also seen the figure. Meanwhile, the three below saw reflections of eyes farther down in the sewer and went to investigate.
  • Both parties fought were-rats. Daveak, Granger, and Theon quickly dispatched their foes. Meanwhile, Nicholas and the SS were having a much more difficult time, with the wizard eventually running out of powerful spells. Fortunately, the others extricated themselves from the battle and came to save the day.

XPs: 1,250



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