When Loren Soth murdered his first wife and priestess of Mishakal it was her hand maid Mirril Martin that brought him to the justice of the Palanthian council. Mirril knew that the well of evil within Soth was just beginning to flow and so she set up a home high in the mountains of Nightlund. Her home grew into a village and this village grew into a a thriving city of peace. For hundreds of years the city of Throtyl has been thriving in total peace. It is self sufficient and ruled by a Matriarchal Theocracy dedicated to the goddess Mishakal and requiring that its ruler be of the lineage of Mirril Martin. The High Oracle governs all of Throtyl and the outlying villages and has maintained an isolationist attitude in regards to the greater world. For over 1000 years Throtyl has been governed in peace and light and has stood in contrast to the terrible state of Dardaard Keep. It has no poor and no disease. It is said that High Oracle communicates directly with the goddess every night that the white moon is in the sky.



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